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Come and see what Doughty can do for your business

Doughty Precision Engineering Ltd was established in 1925 as a family run company manufacturing and specialising in components for the Diesel, Marine, and Motorsport industries.

During the 1980s, Doughty diversified and developed its specialist capability for manufacturing multi-pin electrical connector shells for Aerospace and other demanding markets.

Today, Doughty is a leading, world-class global supplier of intricate sub-contract machined parts to Aerospace, Electrical/Sensor Engineering and other leading multi-national companies, where the application of its one-hit machining philosophy is applied wherever feasible.

Doughty is, through negotiated agreements, able to offer its customers consignment stocking gained by already operating such systems with its major customers.

Located in purpose built premises, Doughty is able to offer competitive prices from its comprehensive range of advanced CNC turning and machining centres, which are supported by a sophisticated DNC link system to offline programming.

Doughty offers many years of experience in machining a wide range of exotic materials including stainless steels, most non-ferrous materials, the complex alloys of titanium, nimonic, hastelloy, monel, and the high performance plastics including peek, fortron and torlon.

Supply of these materials to meet the requirements of DFARS is not unusual.

To complement its extensive machining facility, Doughty has its own stainless steel passivating facility, which utilises the latest technology for surface treatment, whilst complying with the latest environmental standards.